The Redeemer Residency Program is a church based leadership development program designed to train and equip the head, heart, and hands of the saints. We desire to send residents out across the United States and the world equipped to be leaders in their homes, churches, and cities.

Our Residency Program has three main focuses in regards to training:
The Redeemer Residency Program focuses on three things – doctrine (head), character (heart), and skills (hands). We want to promote growth in each of these areas.

Who can participate in the Residency Program?
The Redeemer Residency Program is for those who believe God is calling them into ministry and/or church-planting, as well as those who believe that they will be involved in some form of vocational Christian work in the future.

How long is the Redeemer Residency Program commitment?
Redeemer Residency Program is a total of two years. This gives the resident time to not only observe but also do meaningful ministry.

What are the requirements for the Redeemer Church Resident?

  • A desire to pursue full-time ministry

  • Evidence of love for Christ

  • Evidence of love for His Word

  • Evidence of love for His people and an ability to work well with others

  • Evidence of personal holiness

  • General agreement with Redeemer’s doctrinal statement and Elder Statement

  • A bachelor’s degree or above

  • Attend Redeemer’s doctrine class or taken an equivalent course.

  • General base of Systematic Theology — If not, must take Redeemer’s Doctrine Class