Serving is part of our strategy to equip you and equip those you serve. 

Now while the words “children’s ministry volunteer” may conjure up a variety of specific images, the reality is when the church is comprised of many young families, there are A LOT of kids. Children in large quantities require a lot of peoplepower. While a certain persona may come to mind for this role, there are as many unique paths to these positions as there are volunteers. Ask anyone serving in the kids’ area how they came to serve in this position, why they chose it, and the reasons they continue to faithfully give of their time and energy for what may seem to some like an insignificant job, and you will likely hear a story unique to each individual.

For the past five years, Mollie has been teaching in the children’s classes at Redeemer. Initially, she was hesitant to volunteer in this particular way, concerned that not having a background in early childhood or elementary education would be a hindrance. She wondered if she would be able to effectively communicate the Gospel to kids, let alone if they would think she did it in a fun and interesting way. Yet, in spite of her doubts, she knew there was a need and she stepped up to do the best she could to meet it.

Five years later, Mollie is still going strong. She did not expect the opportunity to articulate the Gospel to children every Sunday would contribute to such deep personal and spiritual growth. It was not only a blessing and bearing fruit, but it was also equipping. Through a missions experience in Southeast Asia while she was in college, Mollie discovered that non-believers often have no exposure to, and therefore no concept of, Bible stories. This new perspective changed her heart for children’s ministry. She began to see the value in both the current work of sharing Gospel truths with children, as well as allowing it to equip her for future works and opportunities. As recently as last year, she went on a short-term mission trip to Ukraine and said she felt more at ease and confident in sharing the truth with others. One specific way Mollie has experienced the equipping connection is that our curriculum always ties everything back to Jesus. It has taught her how to connect Old Testament stories to the central Gospel message and allowed her to grow in her ability to explain it to people of all ages.

Mollie has experienced the deep reward of seeing children understand and grasp the truth, sometimes for the first time, following in the footsteps of those she watched serve in this capacity while she was growing up. She watched her parents teach Sunday school and set the example of servant leadership for her. It’s inspiring to realize the influence that resulted from Mollie’s parents serving when she was a child now continues through her. She remembers when one of her teachers in 3rd or 4th grade helped them create prayer journals, in which they wrote requests on one side and praises on the other. To this day, she STILL does that. Mollie loves teaching the kids on Sundays, because she gets to plant seeds and build biblical knowledge into young minds and hearts, just like others did for her when she was a child.