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Redeemer Youth is not separate from the church body as a whole, in fact, our values are the same: to be a gospel centered missional family. We love the gospel, which is the story of Jesus redeeming sinful people through the cross and giving us new life through the resurrection. We’ll be teaching that every week. Being missional is not just holding outreach events; instead we encourage students to share the gospel with their friends who don’t know Jesus. Lastly, we want to come alongside parents and family members in helping our students grow together in the gospel.


The youth ministry in the past has been through a few different phases, but with families getting older our own homegrown kids are sticking around to form a consistent youth group. To keep up with the growth of the church as a whole, we decided to give the ministry more structure and more defined vision. In other words, just as a tree becomes older, healthier, and bigger, its roots grow deeper and broader. We want have a ministry where students can hear the gospel, ask questions, live on mission, and grow together in community. This is true for students who have been around for a while, but also students who don’t know Jesus and just have some questions.

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