Resting Well and Why We Don’t By

Resting. I delivered a sermon on this on May 17th from Matthew 11 and 12. I wanted to elaborate more on this topic through this blog. Resting sounds simple enough, but, wow, do I struggle with this.

The solution for it is clear: We can rest from our work and insane pace of life because of the finished work of Christ. Yes, there is more do and He has given us the joy of participating in His mission. But we can stop in regular intervals to rest and rejuvenate our body and soul because of what Jesus has accomplished on our behalf. We desperately need to believe this.

The solution is clear enough. So, why don’t we rest? Why don’t we actually live this way? Here are my top seven reasons (in reverse order) of why we don’t:

7. We think our life will be more complete or important if we do more.

6. We are afraid to say “no” to people or opportunities because we want them to think well of us.

5. We are afraid of silence and boredom and we fill open spots with some kind of activity.

4. We have poor boundaries in our career. The modern workplace can often make demands that creep into a person’s personal life. Long workdays and smart phones can lead to an “always on and accessible” approach that isn’t good or healthy.

3. Related to #4, we are motivated to said career and its demands because we have become addicted to a lifestyle that is financed by the salary it produces.

2. We have a “keeping up with the Joneses” approach to children. We are afraid our children will get left behind in academics or sports or the arts, so we sign up for multiple leagues, camps, and private lessons to keep up. Fear drives more of this than we’d like to admit.

1. Our souls are noisy and dissatisfied. This is the most important one because it truly informs #’s 2-7. We still haven’t found what we are looking for and our restlessness will present itself in many ways. Instead of working hard, making money, and helping our kids grow in different ways, we turn all of them into something they were never intended to be.

Sadly, I live in #1 way too often, which leads to many different broken expressions in #’s 2-7. You can pray for me on my sabbatical that I can rest well in Jesus and have greater insight into these patterns in my regular life. While you are at it, reflect on how you are doing with resting regularly in Jesus. Are you growing in this? What needs to change?

Dusty Thompson

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