Creative Ways to Study the Bible By

It can be challenging to meaningfully engage the Bible on a regular basis. It seems there is always a distraction, never enough time, or just simply a lack of interest. It’s an awful thing to say, but most of us struggle to not get bored with the Bible at different times in life. I’m convinced, … Continued

Gospel Truths By

As an elder at Redeemer, I have the privilege of spending time with church leaders (staff and volunteers), church members and attendees, and newer folks. I love to hear stories about God working to change and transform people. It’s a continual reminder that the grace of God is powerful and the hope of redemption is … Continued

Be Angry and Do Not Sin? By

There’s not much convincing needed from scriptures and personal experience to know how anger can be sinful and destructive to others and ourselves in many ways. Let alone how it offends the God of the Universe. How that anger manifests may be different for you whether you’re prone to explosive outbursts and outrage or instead … Continued

Why Does Redeemer Have a Monthly Choir? By

Revelation 5:9-10 gives a slight glimpse into the reality of the new heaven and new earth that will commence when Christ comes. This verse provides a great picture of the bride of Christ and the diversity it celebrates. It proclaims, “And they sang a new song, saying, ‘Worthy are you to take the scroll and … Continued

Music at Redeemer By

Imagine yourself standing on the edge of a cliff in the mountains. There is a careening drop to the bottom. There are trees waving in the wind and the denseness of the trees is hard to distinguish one from the other. The breeze has a biting coldness on your face. You waver just a bit … Continued

Youth at Redeemer By

Vision Redeemer Youth is not separate from the church body as a whole, in fact, our values are the same: to be a gospel centered missional family. We love the gospel, which is the story of Jesus redeeming sinful people through the cross and giving us new life through the resurrection. We’ll be teaching that … Continued

Fall 2012 Projections By

So, about the Fall. I know you might not be ready to think about the fall quite yet, but I think I’ll need your help pretty soon. We track attendance and giving figures for one main purpose: planning. You want to make sure we have enough seating, parking, and volunteers for the waves of new … Continued