The Balance of Bearing By

By Camisha Kibble The life of a Christian is marked by the effort to balance two extremes: the depravity of sin and the dignity of salvation. In our walks, we must be careful not to fall into one extreme over the other. If we dwell in the depravity of sin, we sit in paralyzed helplessness. … Continued

God, Marriage, and Culture By

Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that same-sex couples, nationwide, have the right to marry. Although the full text of their decision can be found online, the bottom line is that same-sex couples can now be married in all 50 states. In light of this ruling, the elders of Redeemer want … Continued

Life After College: Gospel-Centered Productivity By

For the last couple weeks, my wife, Molly, and I have been sharing some thoughts and tips about how to graduate well. In our first post, we talked about spirituality and community after college. In the previous post, Molly shared some lessons learned from moving away from where she went to college, and adjusting to … Continued

Life After College: Hard Transitions By

Written by Molly Fisher My husband, Jacob, and I have often discussed the joys and struggles in transitioning from college to the “real world”. We lived through that change at the same time, and eventually, in the same town, but at times in very different ways. Community, finances, schedules, and responsibilities shift radically after college. … Continued

Life After College: Spirituality and Community By

This last weekend was graduation for many students across the country. Transitioning from life as a full-time student to life in the “outside world” can be diffiicult and confusing at times. Huge changes happen across the board, and new graduates are often left off-balance and unprepared to take on new challenges. Over the next week … Continued

Resting Well and Why We Don’t By

Resting. I delivered a sermon on this on May 17th from Matthew 11 and 12. I wanted to elaborate more on this topic through this blog. Resting sounds simple enough, but, wow, do I struggle with this. The solution for it is clear: We can rest from our work and insane pace of life because … Continued

Being Taught By Teaching Kids By

By Jennie Ketchum When I finished my membership process at Redeemer, the leaders immediately asked me where I thought my gifts would best be used in serving others. I kind of shrugged my shoulders and said, “I don’t know, maybe kids.” That was four years ago and I’ve been in various roles since then in … Continued

The Immovability of God By

Life is full of changes and transitions. Depending on the changes that are coming your way, this can be really exciting or quite frightening. You are probably familiar with this phrase: “the winds of change.” This expression can be used to describe the significant changes that come into affect in the world, in a specific … Continued

The Habit of Dying to Self By

By James Smith Ever have one of those days, weeks, years, or seasons where you find yourself consumed with nothing but yourself? Overwhelmed by selfish desires that have led to fractured relationships, destructive addictions, or exhausted by having to maintain a certain projected image of yourself? At the root of all these bad habits is … Continued

Four Ways I Wasted My College Career By

With graduation approaching swiftly, I have started to seriously reflect upon my college career. Though I am grateful for what has happened here at the greatest university in the nation, I sure wish that I had made better decisions as a young man learning how to follow the Lord. Don’t get me wrong, failures can … Continued