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Imagine yourself standing on the edge of a cliff in the mountains. There is a careening drop to the bottom. There are trees waving in the wind and the denseness of the trees is hard to distinguish one from the other. The breeze has a biting coldness on your face. You waver just a bit in your knees and catch your breath and hold it in. Do you feel the awe, the fear, and the beauty all at the same time? Now imagine yourself looking over that same mountain edge, and it is on your television at home. Do you think it feels the same or is it just a mere glimpse into the beauty of the real thing?

The hymn writer Isaac Watts once said that it is a matter of “infinite importance” that we not only have outward affections toward God and but also inward adoration. I wholeheartedly agree with him. Just like the cliff, our sense of adventure desperately wants to actually see God face to face rather than just a glimpse or shadow now here on earth. At Redeemer we are a church that places strong importance on our Sunday services. We desire to see those services not only just be attended but also be a time and place of encouragement, teaching, praying and most importantly a place that God is truly adored, and we are truly moved by who He is. But we understand that this is just a small taste of what we will experience when we are with Jesus together in heaven.

Our goal every Sunday is to enjoy Jesus as much as possible while we are still here on earth. We do that by being aware of how our sin is deadly and destroying relationships and instead run to Jesus and remember His payment for our sin when He obeyed death on the cross and did it all for the joy that was before Him. I challenge you to prepare your heart toward these things before you come to church every Sunday. Let Sundays be a time that you are affected deeply by who Jesus is. Worship Him in awe, in godly fear and taste His beauty. And do this knowing that we are not able to see Him yet, but we will!

Our worship ministry is called Redeemer Music. It embodies the music on Sunday, the songwriting of our church and training leaders to guide our people to enjoy Jesus fully. We hope we do that every Sunday for you, your family and your friends.

Thank you for letting us serve you and please let us know how we can better do that in the future. To give you a quick glance at the Fall semester, I have listed a few high points: new leaders that have joined us, upcoming events and ways you can serve along with us!

Redeemer Music is excited to have our two interns – Trey Woodward, who has been with us for six months, and Austin Davidson, who just recently came on board. These two men are seriously talented and godly, and we are really blessed to have them on our team. You will see both of them on stage on Sundays helping us lead our services. Also, Austin will also be leading worship at our university service that meets the first Thursday of every month aptly called First Thursday.

This fall is chocked full of exciting events! We will be releasing our second album around November of 2014. We will also be opening our weekly worship training to everyone interested! So if you are interested in learning how to lead worship please email me at On top of that, we will have musician auditions September 7th so stay tuned for more details. Also if you are a songwriter, poet or just like to write on napkins, we will have a songwriting class October 19th. And on a very practical level, we will be teaching a music theory class on September 28th.

Today, take time to savor who Jesus is and what He has done for you. Then on Sunday, join with your church family and enjoy Him together.

Joe Morrow

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