Empowering families to disciple their children

Our Vision
RedeemerKids are included in the Gospel-Centered, Missional Family at every opportunity. Our goal is that they will learn, believe, and live out the gospel alongside their family as well as members of Redeemer.
We believe that parents are the first and most effective communicators of the gospel to their children. Therefore, we focus on equipping and training parents to guide their children toward the gospel by word, actions, and intercession. In our Sunday Morning Classes and Children’s Small Groups, we will support and supplement what is being taught and practiced at home.

Sunday Services
Children of all ages are invited to be a part of our services in the scripture reading, singing, and praying portion of the worship service in order to affirm the truth that the body of Christ is multi-generational and that the gospel is for everyone!

Children 5th grade and under can be dropped off before the service starts or can go with their parents to the service. At any time they can be brought to the classrooms.

If you’d like to serve as a teacher sign up here.

When you arrive at Redeemer, please make your way to the RedeemerKids Check-In Area located in our main lobby. There we will collect some basic information and enter your child into our computer-based check-in system. Your child then may go to the main gathering with you or may be dropped of at their class. At the end of the service you will produce your parent check-in sticker to safely claim your child. You will also receive a Bible lesson summary to review at home!

A note to parents with children who have allergies: our RedeemerKids area is nut free, but not completely gluten free. We do have snack options for our gluten free friends! Please let your child’s teacher know if your child has allergy or food needs.

A note to parents with children that have special needs: we welcome all children and want to provide the best experience possible for your family. At check-in we will discuss your child’s specific needs and place them in the most developmentally appropriate classroom. We can also arrange one on one, trained teachers to ensure your child’s safety and participation in gospel learning! If you have any questions or concerns please email Keenan Harris at

3 year olds – 5th Grade:

Children three years old through fifth grade participate in a weekly exploration of the Bible using The Gospel Story Bible Kids curriculum. During the week, families can use the Gospel Story Bible to empower their family worship. If you choose to keep your child with you in the main gathering, we provide a graphic organizer to aid children in taking notes. Our goal is to help children believe and embrace the gospel individually, communally, and with their family.

Two year olds

Our two year olds learn all about the foundational truths of God using the Children Desiring God curriculum. They sing, play instruments, and learn all about our great God! Every week your child will bring home a take home paper that you can utilize to direct your family worship.

Walking and One Year Olds

Our one year olds are beginning the journey of understanding the gospel through the Children Desiring God curriculum. These lessons are repetitive and full of interactive learning strategies. They also play and move around a lot. Every week your child will bring home a take home paper that you can utilize to direct your family worship.


Our littlest learners also use the Children Desiring God curriculum. While they do not always have their lesson, every week these sweet babies are prayed over by our teachers.

Registration and Safety
Registration for all classes may be done in the children’s area each week before the service begins. We use Redeemer Connect for sign in, and we will create your account at check-in. Because we are serious about your child’s safety, all of our teachers have had a background check and our lead teachers have had additional child abuse training.


Keenan Harris

Director of Family Ministry