SEND Redeemer 2017-2018

Vision – The purpose of these trips is for you to grasp the beauty of God and the greatness of his kingdom and be compelled to join where He is at work.

Experience – See first hand the need for churches in different places and cultures.

Mission – Figure out what your specific role is within the kingdom, whether it is domestically or overseas so that God may receive the glory.


For 2018, Redeemer will have multiple trips available for you to go on. The Church Planting Practicums (or CP8s) and “Spring Break Trips” are available to college students. The Short-Term Trips (or Shorts) are available to all members at Redeemer. Here are your options:


Spring Break Trips

Short-term Trips (10 Days)

Church Planting Practicums (8 Weeks)*College Only

Trips to Be Announced


Follow this link to apply for a trip: APPLICATION

For more information, email: