Small Groups

Living together as a gospel-centered, missional family

Gospel Communities are an integral part of getting plugged into the life of our church. These gatherings are an important part of living as a gospel-centered, missional family, and they serve as one of the primary vehicles for discipleship and disciple-making.

In these smaller gatherings and communities, we strive to help each other treasure the gospel more and more. We want to remember the promises of God, we want to see our sin clearly and see his grace more vividly – we want to center our lives around the gospel of Jesus Christ. In these communities, we also want to develop friendships and relationships with the body of believers and follow Christ with other brothers and sisters. Furthermore, these communities seek to proclaim the gospel in everyday life. We want to join God on his mission and proclaim the good news of Jesus in our neighborhoods, work places, organizations, and all other spheres of life.

No idea where to start? Our Small Group Finder can help find a group that best fits you and your schedule. For further questions or recommendations, email Rashard Barnes or visit with us in person during a Sunday service at the Connections Table.

To follow along with our sermon series this summer, download our Summer Doctrine Discipleship Guide

Rashard Barnes

Director of Gospel Communities