Life After College: Gospel-Centered Productivity By

For the last couple weeks, my wife, Molly, and I have been sharing some thoughts and tips about how to graduate well. In our first post, we talked about spirituality and community after college. In the previous post, Molly shared some lessons learned from moving away from where she went to college, and adjusting to … Continued

Life After College: Hard Transitions By

Written by Molly Fisher My husband, Jacob, and I have often discussed the joys and struggles in transitioning from college to the “real world”. We lived through that change at the same time, and eventually, in the same town, but at times in very different ways. Community, finances, schedules, and responsibilities shift radically after college. … Continued

Life After College: Spirituality and Community By

This last weekend was graduation for many students across the country. Transitioning from life as a full-time student to life in the “outside world” can be diffiicult and confusing at times. Huge changes happen across the board, and new graduates are often left off-balance and unprepared to take on new challenges. Over the next week … Continued