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The Motsingers

On Jon and Joy’s first date, it was Joy who popped the question: “What are your thoughts on adoption?” Since high school, Joy had felt a burden to save and help the lost and hurting children of the world. The Holy Spirit had overwhelmed her with compassion for orphans. And Jon—”Obviously I hadn’t put nearly as … Continued

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Reason for God

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The Balance of Bearing
By Redeemer Member

By Camisha Kibble The life of a Christian is marked by the effort to balance two extremes: the depravity of sin and the dignity of salvation. In our walks, we must be careful not to fall into one extreme over the other. If we dwell in the depravity of sin, we sit in paralyzed helplessness. … Continued

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Resting Well and Why We Don’t
By Dusty Thompson

Resting. I delivered a sermon on this on May 17th from Matthew 11 and 12. I wanted to elaborate more on this topic through this blog. Resting sounds simple enough, but, wow, do I struggle with this. The solution for it is clear: We can rest from our work and insane pace of life because … Continued

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The Immovability of God
By Jason Davila

Life is full of changes and transitions. Depending on the changes that are coming your way, this can be really exciting or quite frightening. You are probably familiar with this phrase: “the winds of change.” This expression can be used to describe the significant changes that come into affect in the world, in a specific … Continued

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The Habit of Dying to Self
By Redeemer Member

By James Smith Ever have one of those days, weeks, years, or seasons where you find yourself consumed with nothing but yourself? Overwhelmed by selfish desires that have led to fractured relationships, destructive addictions, or exhausted by having to maintain a certain projected image of yourself? At the root of all these bad habits is … Continued

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